Frequently asked questions

Budapest – 6 hours.

Vicenza – 12 hours.

Trieste – 9 hours 30 minutes.

Vienna – 9 hours.

Bologna – 14 hours.

Skopje – 6 hours 30 minutes.

Paris – 24 hours.

Florence – 15 hours.

Venice – 11 hours.

Arrival time usually can be changed depending on the intensity of traffic.

As on all other Fudeks lines, baggage is charged, the price is 1 euro or 100 pounds per bag.
It is allowed to bring 2 boxes (40 cigarettes), as far as the alcohol can take a maximum of one bottle of alcoholic beverage.
Yes, and the most popular by passengers ratings has priority in the order of presentation.
Yes, in the bus we serve drinks and chocolates several times and is completely free.
For all other questions you can call our call center 0800.000.007 or send us an email to office@fudeks.rs. Contact us on social networks: Facebook, Twitter.
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